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Origination: Surviving in the Real World of Make Believe


By Andy Valadez, Marketing Strategist

Filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and marketers live and thrive in the world of origination or creation.  We are the tinkerers, testers, method makers, instigators, dreamers, and the doers.

Ideas are valuable, influence is powerful, and leadership priceless. So, how can we become more effective in our mission to create successful works/productions/businesses?

Professionals have a self-confident assurance that they will succeed.  I am reading “Flex and Develop Your Confidence Muscles” (www.LoopOfConfidence) by my friend Ann Bernard, Woman’s Physique Champion and Reserve Marine Major.  In her book, she recognizes that there are many people who thrive on a high self-esteem or ego, but many lack a high self-confidence. A low self -confidence actually hinders your ultimate success and a high self-esteem places too much value on how you think of yourself and too much worry on what others think of you.  Confident people know who they are, where they are going, and recognize other confident people.

“Save the drama for the camera.” Market makers learn to identify and evaluate opportunities well and realize that anything worthwhile will come with tension and conflict.  So, how can you cultivate a process of ever-increasing value to your interests in a competitive arena?

How to survive and thrive:

  • Build trust with a close circle (word will get out sure enough to the masses about your effectiveness) – not everyone is your friend
  • Be known as a producer, someone who always adds value to the team whether you get credit or not
  • Lead – don’t wait on others to make decisions for you
  • Be willing to walk away (there are lots of opportunities out there – many may not succeed without you)
  • Hit home runs that others can share (this further builds your own self-confidence – you know what you are capable)
  • Communicate well – when in doubt communicate (in general most people don’t communicate well)
  • Create memorable moments for others (this takes thought and intentionality)
  • Be diligent and honest (some people may not care to hear accurate feedback – but trust is gained by being consistent in your assessments)
  • Remember those who remember you (and those who don’t)
  • Take risks and challenge yourself to greater heights
  • See the success in your mind first, what does it look like (then go make it happen)
  • Be effective – your ideas should resonate!
  • Be willing to forgive others

About Marketing Dynamics

Marketing Dynamics was founded by Andy Valadez, graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in Marketing and Tulane University (Applied Business Certificate), and former United States Marine.  Andy enjoys advising his clients on how to capitalize on their opportunities by adopting best practice and principles in marketing with a focus on strategy and tactical implementation.  Marketing Dynamics serves these key sectors:  technology, broadcast, film, music, publishing, motorsports, and start-ups.  To learn more visit:

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