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Price Point Edition: Make Gun Free Zones Costly to Enforce

AR 15

Photo by: Zorin Denu

Kevin Price discusses Gun Free Zones and the national power grab to disarm Americans. Kevin is a strong believer in the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms. As an award-winning journalist, he has noticed that “Gun Free Zones” are very dangerous and if the government establishment believes in them, then they should make them safer by ensuring many precautions like armed guards, safety barriers, professional emergency response training, and more.

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Embarrassing Video for the Media Elite – Refuse to take free “Gun Free Zone” sign at their own home

How can gun restrictions affect your business (many stories in the media regarding scenarios depicted here)?
■You are the business – self-defense (no you, no business)
■Your customers (for retail outlets) – you can protect your customers
■Your customers can protect you (many have concealed handguns licenses)
■Protect your property and valuables from the bad guys
■Protect your family
■Proper gun safety saves lives (people who own guns are usually trained how to use them)
■Safer communities (gun free states are actually the most dangerous places to do business with even higher taxes)
■And more! (share your ideas)

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