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EBC Broadcast Monthly Meet-up (Houston, Texas)

A Message from Sheila Harrison, CEO/Co-Founder of EBC Broadcast

Picture 7The Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company, Inc. is a champion for the entrepreneur, from idea to Fortune 100. Our team of founders, investors, strategic partners, viewers, and members have assisted entrepreneurs to succeed over the years and excel their companies. Our core group has begun meeting recently by invitation to begin mapping out our growth scenarios in order to expand the reach of The Entrepreneur Channel.

Featured on “Price of Business” radio show with Kevin Price

Imagine a TV/Radio/Event/Publishing network focused on raising visibility for the entrepreneur class – “The Way Makers” of the future. Look to the business owner to create jobs and expand the economy. With your help, we will succeed.

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In attendance:

Sheila Harrison, CEO/Co-Founder of EBC Broadcast
Mary Kamp of Epic Business Brokers
Travis Middleton of Trademark Insurance
James R. Boy, COO/Co-Founder of EBC Broadcast and Founder of JRB Venture Alliance
Kirby Lammers of Mind, Body and Business
Larry Hanes, Founder of
Andy Valadez, CMO/Co-Founder of EBC Broadcast and President o Marketing Dynamics

A Direct Message from Andy Valadez, CMO of EBC Broadcast

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