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“Take a Chance” Movie Short Shot in Katy Texas to Inspire Pre-teen Friendship

Take a Chance Poster

Story by Four Young Girls. Film Producer Rallies Production Team to Bring It to Life

Katy, Texas (March 19, 2014) – Film maker Zulema Nall of Katy has been part of Houston’s film industry for several years as Actress, Producer, Writer, Director. Originally, from Guatemala, she has aspired to make her mark in the entertainment business in America and has supported and been cast in several local films herself. Zulema became a U.S. Citizen in the summer of 2013 and has strived to learn the culture and American entrepreneurship.

“My young girl Rachel (age 9) and I love to work together creating films with a message, that will inspire other children,” says Zulema “ So, we gathered three of her friends Rebekah Poret (12) of Crosby, and identical twins Avery and Mackenzie Clynes (11) of Houston, a very talented group of young ladies that we loved working with and we stared the production with the support of Andy Valadez of Marketing Dynamics, to produce our short film.”

“Take a Chance” short movie was created and developed about a situation where “Chelsey” (the new kid on the block), faces her fears and takes the advice of her mother and goes to the park to make new friends one afternoon. At the park she meets Kasidy, Paige and Brooke. Her fears of been rejected, turn out to be unfounded and her new friends a welcomed opportunity to share with the audience about the value of taking chances.
“The girls were natural and very professional on set,” says Andy “I have been surprised to learn more about Zulema’s plans for the production and will be helping to socialize the story, help with film festival submissions, and developing opportunities to share this unique feature via a proprietary video syndication nationwide.”

“We also want to thank music artist Tiger Darrow ([, who is attending NYU, for contributing two songs ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Lost and Found’ from her new album ‘Aqua Vitae’,” said Zulema.

Special thanks to: JRB Venture Alliance, Aiping Degrassi Studio, and The Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company (video syndication).

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