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By Andy Valadez, CMO for EBC Broadcast

Good morning. It has been a while since I have posted. We’ve been busy focusing on the emerging entertainment market in Houston while bringing a focus to the businesses that are supporting this work like Trademark Insurance Agency, JRB Venture Alliance, Fearless Networking with Ken P. Marsh, Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr., The Revelation File with Wally Wood, Marketing Dynamics (my company), Impeccable Music Group, Digital Consulting,, Impeccable Music Group (Billy Dorsey), Joanna Sanchez Entertainment, Scott Frank Photography, Dale Johnson Special Effects/Hair/Make-up, C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine, Global Creations, Knobby Brown Productions – Native American Concert Rally, Lady Z Entertainment, and more.

We area especially pleased with the talk of business and entrepreneurship this presidential run. So, the time is perfect to start, launch and grow a smart business in the new economy. Our country is close to $20 trillion in debt and it will take entrepreneurs to advance our national and global interests. Be ready!

In the mean-time, please review our YouTube Channel to get updates on the businesses and people we are profiling on-line.

For further proof of the success of this focus, check out (a show I help start in Houston that now features over 1,400 business leaders).

EBC Broadcast (other videos)

Billy Dorsey – Impeccable Music Group

“Give You Jesus” Debut at Lakewood Church – Houston, TX

Cliff’s Car Tech of Langham Creek

Houston-Austin SAG-AFTRA 1st Vice President Mykle McCoslin

Dale Johnson, MUAH of Hollywood and Houston (Special Effects/Hair/Makeup)

Global Creations Founder Gale Vickers

Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr.

Knobby Brown Productions – Native American Concert Rally

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Andy Valadez, Chief Marketing Officer

Andy Valadez, Chief Marketing Officer


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