EBC Broadcast is now working with an exciting company committed to help business people and families through 21st Century personal development programs.

A Brief with Sheila Harrison

The company is called LIFE and is the culmination of 18 years of work by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, two of the top leadership gurus in the world, having received many awards and recognitions. They have both written several best seller books on Leadership (See http://OrrinWoodwardblog.com and http://chrisbrady.typepad.com).

LIFE is all about:

  • Growing individuals and families in all areas of their lives: Fun, Freedom, Finance, Friends, Family, Faith, Fitness and Following. LIFE
  • Growing Leaders. Every organization and professional person in America needs leadership training, so LIFE offers a subscription dedicated exclusively to leadership development.
  • Growing children equipped to live character centered lives through the Edge subscription.
  • Helping individuals measure their personal effectiveness in all areas of their life and create a plan to improve those areas needed. Mental Fitness Challenge

Visit the links below and learn how LIFE can:

  1. Help you and your family members grow personally and professionally
  2. Help you create a business centered around helping others grow personally and professionally
  3. Help you, in these times of uncertainty, create a new income source to meet current needs and prepare for the future.

Learn more about LIFE and the Mental Fitness Challenge

We are actively developing leaders with an innovative leadership development system.

If you are interested in joining our leadership team, please visit: www.The-Life-Business.com (before joining contact us at 713.560.3348, Code: LIFE).

  • One book a month
  • 4 CDs and/or 1 DVD and 2 CDs per month
  • Access to weekly leadership development meetings, webinars, newsletters, etc.
  • And more!

This is an incredible leadership development program in 8 key areas of life: Fun, Faith, Finances, Following, Freedom, Family, and Friends.


For Child Entrepreneurs/Leadership


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