Executive Team

Sheila Harrison is CEO of EBC, an integrated media platform that is supported by a slate of business television and radio programming, host blogs, branded and focused social media to support each program and the network, a broadcast magazine, EBC supported networking events, entrepreneur business news, front-line podcasts, use of professional photography, business consulting, video production, a unique guest relations model, and more.

She is Host of The CEO SHOW, a weekly TV show live on cable and live via streaming video on the Internet. Sheila interviews CEO’s and business founders with the goal of helping other entrepreneurs learn from already successful business owners how to start and successfully run their ventures. She has interviewed more than 250 top corporate executives to date.

Sheila is also President and co-owner, The BUSINESS GUIDE: HOUSTON, a comprehensive print and online business-to-business resource providing access to over 32,000 top executives in the Houston area. Visit http://www.HoustonBusinessGuide.com

Awards and Recognitions: 2003 Crystal Award from AMA for The Business Guide Ad – 2004 Honored at White House Reception in Washington DC by Dept. of Labor – 2005 Finalist for Chrysalis Award by Success in the City for outstanding Woman owned Business – 1972 Certified Public Accountant

Additionally, Sheila has over 30 years experience at the C level management of: business development, finance and fostering businesses success. For more information: LinkedIn

Andy Valadez is CMO and VP of Business Development for EBC and is the visionary and strategic marketer on a mission for EBC.  Andy has worked with clientele such as Dillard Department Stores, Harley-Davidson, Texas A&M University, Toshiba International, Home Depot, Fanatical Change, Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival,  Kingdom Racing, BUB Racing (formerly the world’s fastest motorcycle), “The BusinessMakers” radio show, “The Price of Business” with Kevin Price, “The CEO Show” with Sheila Harrison, Greater Houston Builders Association, ABC Pest, Pool, and Lawn, Real Estate Executive magazine, many filmmakers and veteran producers, media personalities, musicians, authors, publishers, and bloggers. Mr. Valadez served in the United States Marine Corps during Desert Storm/Shield, is a graduate of Texas A&M University (Marketing) and Tulane University, a volunteer in the community, and husband and father. To discover more, visit: www.TeamMarketingDynamics.com

Awards and Recognitions: Marketing Advisor to the “Price of Business” radio show with Kevin Price, former audition contestant for the “Apprentice” – 2005, 1st Annual “WELL DONE Awards” award recipient May 2007, Coast Hills Church, Laguna Beach, California,“Semper Fi Award” 2007 (presented aboard the USS Texas Battleship for distinguished service to the U.S. Marine Community), Marketing Chair for 2004 “Greater Houston Builders Association” home show, and “All Top” recognized blogger on Marketing by Guy Kawasaki, Apple Fellow.

JIM BOY_ppJames R. Boy, better known as “Jim”, is the Chief Operating Officer for the Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company. Jim is responsible for the corporate structuring of EBC as well as the daily operations. He exhibits a strong belief that individuals should be encouraged in their personal goals and opportunities. He enjoys collaborating with the other founding members of EBC because each one of them exhibits a “Pay it forward attitude” in developing the Entrepreneurial spirit.

Jim believes it is the Entrepreneurial Spirit that makes America great. His vision for EBC is to educate both current and future entrepreneurs by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive and survive in the world of commerce.

Jim personifies the Entrepreneurial Spirit. He brings extensive knowledge and vision to EBC through his history of current and past ownerships or partnerships which involved business start-ups to fully developed corporations. He specializes in corporate structuring or restructuring, then focuses on leading them through their various stages of growth.

Jim has conducted business in several regions of the United States, including Texas, Florida and Nevada and is currently “mining” for additional business opportunities in Texas and California.

Jim’s business interests range from the Arts and Entertainment world, Real Estate, Law Enforcement, Insurance, Securities, Software, to Private Investigations. He currently holds multiple Texas licenses, where required in order to conduct business in various entities.

Jim is a Veteran of the United States Army Military Police, the Houston Police Department, and the Montgomery County (Texas) Sheriff’s Department and has held management positions in numerous privately owned corporations and public service entities.

Believing in a life time of learning, Jim has attended the University of Virginia, the University of Houston, Central Texas College and the LaSalle Extension University. He is a graduate of the United States Military Police School, the Houston Texas Police Academy and the FBI National Academy and continues to attend various classes in keeping with the current trends and laws affecting business. Jim is an active member in the FBI National Academy Associates of Texas; The Houston Police Retired Officers Association; The San Diego (California) Christian Writer’s Guild; The Houston Area Realtors Association and The Tomball Christian Business Association.

In summation, Jim’s favorite motto exemplifies his zest for the Entrepreneurial Spirit: “Those who say it cannot be done should not interfere with those of us who are actually doing it”. He is often heard saying; “Take the step and just do it !!!”

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