Event Production

Let The Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company cover your next event. We provide video cameras, photography, live internet stream, and direction for your attendees, speakers, guests, and event.

Below are a few samples of events we have covered.

Contact us by e-mail at livecast@ebcbroadcast.com or direct at 713.560.3348, Andy Valadez, CMO.

EBC Broadcast can cover your next big event.  No other news network showcases entrepreneurs like EBC Broadcast News.  Every entrepreneur has a success story to share.  We’ve  helped business owners and professionals gain further interest in their enterprises by the mainstream media including newspapers, network news, radio talk shows, magazines, and other website news by covering luncheons, tradeshows, radio interviews, networking events, start-ups of every kind, movie premieres and film festivals, music recording events and mastermind meetings.

Cost:  $1,000 plus tax (you may recoup your cost for an event by obtaining sponsors in advance or later in edit)

What we do:

* Attend your event or place of business and set-up for your members and/or employee on-camera appearance(s)
* Provide lighting, camera, model releases, direction of the feature, and titles and subtitles.
* Edit the video and post it on-line (limited to 30 minutes of video, usually 10 to 15 guests featured)
* Provide royalty-free music and use of EBC Broadcast logo (adds value as a third party review)
* On-line promotions via social media, blog posts, and direct e-mails to interested parties
* Feature announcements about your sponsors in the video at the event
* Legacy media, posted on-line for up to a year
* Key-word tag your video for search when posted on YouTube or other syndication medium
* Digital file for your continued use in .mov, .wmv, .avi, or .mpeg
* e-mail notices about upcoming public EBC Broadcast News events
* video based “best practices” training to help you capitalize on your production
* list of sponsoring companies and the sponsoring event in the rolling credits at the end of the video

Additional costs (by separate quote):
* professional on-camera talent
* we can promote your next event ahead of time
* add $250 per additional 30 minutes video increments, same day, same set-up
* provide individual videos after the event for additional fee
* specialized music or editing
* high-quality audio interview recordings for podcast posting (no video, like a radio interview by a professional interviewer)
* Promotional press release via PRWeb.com, written and distributed nationally and/or globally to drive traffic to your organization, featured attendees
* additional cameras or crew
* strip the video and post the audio on a podcast resource for audio playing only
* custom titling and text
* professional photography of your event
* SEO promotions on Facebook and/or Google available
* video training by phone or in person to explain how you can gain further exposure with your videos

Novelist Norman Ray Fitts and Rotary Club International (Sharpstown)

Publisher Hector Luna of C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine

Featuring Best-selling Author Sheila Long-Armstrong

Houston Film Industry Reception for Joanna Sanchez, Hollywood Acting Coach

HAHU Affordable Care Act Event

Houston Film Industry Meetup

Billy Dorsey Speaking Engagement

Texas Association of Business Brokers Luncheon

Glenn Roberts of Progware (3D Printing) – a true garage start-up

Teen Entrepreneurship

Hillsdale College Luncheon with Kevin Price of “Price of Business”

2013 Grammy Music Producer Featured on Fox 26 (EBC Broadcast assisted garnering network interest in this feature)