An overview of our business capabilities in the sector of entrepreneurship.

  • Business Shows for broadcast – Our team secures show concepts for our network and others, and assists producers, writers, or show hosts in developing the show from idea to pilot utilizing our exclusive and proprietary process.  The cost of the show development is borne by sponsors, investors, or originators who are interested in the show being produced or distributors desiring the content to run on their      network.
  • Advertising and sponsorships – EBC shows are supported by advertisers and sponsors committed to the long-term success of the show or integrated network.
  • Produce radio shows for broadcast and/or podcast – The media platform includes radio broadcast.  Radio productions are supported by advertisers, investors, or originators.
  • Syndication – Produced content may be re-sold to alternative markets or simultaneously broadcast on other channels, web portals, or      networks.
  • Publish books, magazines, articles for syndication and web content – Our media network facilitates authors, publishers, and host its own magazines to support our show line-up and a flagship magazine to support the network.  The magazines, books, reports, or manuscripts are supported by advertising sponsorship or for sale direct to the reading public.
  • EBC News Bureau – EBC operates its own entrepreneur focused business news bureau.   The content fulfills public interest and provides content that may be used on other networks to help with their own news feeds on-line and on-the-air or public service commitments required by the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Conferences, webinars, seminars, networking events, and trade shows – EBC develops and supports for each show revenue generating events, seminars and webinars, and hosts tradeshows or participates at business-related tradeshows which also serve as content generators, news, interview features, or new client development.
  • Video production, documercials and documentaries – EBC has a core competency of video production to produce content as required by its clients, its internal business needs, or producer/sponsor generated initiatives.
  • EBC business consulting – EBC employs a team of business  consultants to develop joint ventures, consulting for a fee or retainer,      business coaching. Business introductions that lead to revenue and capital generation may produce commissions or secure ownership positions in prospective business interests.
  • Technology applications and development (i.e., iPhone, custom on-line resources, etc.) –  EBC develops technology applications that generate revenue for its show line-up and relevant client needs.
  • EBC Speakers Bureau – EBC provides a service offering its members, guests and show hosts as featured professional speakers for a fee.
  • On-line search and feature showcase – EBC generates revenue from keyword ads and paid placement on its proprietary website.
  • LiveCasts to the web – EBC members and producers generate live broadcasts to the web supported by membership fees, key word advertising, production fees, and by pay-per-view or available for download- for-a-fee special events.
  • Joint venture opportunities – EBC maintains an investment fund to  support new ventures, start-ups, or investments to further its interests.
  • Merchandise sales/stores – EBC generates sales from its show and member on-line stores.
  • Grants – EBC applies for applicable private grants to support the network and individual show(s).
  • Film Commission incentives for programming – EBC applies for film commission rebates based on the productions dollars spent in respective states per their statutory rebate program.
  • Affiliate Programs – EBC researches and secures revenue generation opportunities via qualified affiliate programs.

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